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Patient/Family Library and Learning Center
By PETER PAGANO, Social Worker, NYS Psychiatric Institute

"New York State Psychiatric Institute's Patient and Family Library has hundreds of books pertaining to mental health and mental illness, as well as many informative videos, handouts, and brochures."

My Skeptical View on Meds Has Changed: New schizophrenia drug does wonders
By David Adams
"I found out that there is hope and a much better life with the new generation of anti-psychotics that are now available.... There is a real life possible-even with schizophrenia-not just survival."

NYC Voices Medication Survey: Preliminary Results

By Stephen M. Goldfinger, MD
". I find this quite out of line with my own clinical experience. Almost no people take their medications exactly as prescribed.. Are you telling us what you think we want to hear?"

Op-ed: Are Medications Allies or Enemies? Weighing the Good and the Bad
By Kurt Sass
".medications are definitely an ally, but are most effective when you have an ally in your psychiatrist as well."

Medication Stories Readers sharing their personal experiences with treatment
By Anonymous
Readers sharing their personal experiences with treatment We asked our readers to tell their medication stories.

NAMI-NYS 20th Anniversary Conference Medications and stigma were hot issues
By Irina Orzeanu

Mad in America: So What Else is New? Controversial Book Examines Psychiatric Treatment for Schizophrenia
By Carl Blumenthal
"After all his dogged research and writing, it is a shame that Mr. Whitaker feels pessimistic about improving the mental health system.. Nevertheless, consumers have on their side an eloquent writer whose story should prod the conscience of mental health professionals for a long time."

What I Learned from Columbia University's Depression Conference: Lecture on ECT found informative
By Carl Blumenthal

"The more ECT a consumer undergoes, the more likely that despair interferes with their compliance. Still, some people do benefit from ECT. For these folks, it should not be banned as some psychiatric survivors advocate."

Electroboy's Crusade Author Andy Behrman's views on treatments for mental illness
By Michael Reiss

"Find the right medications, seek new treatments, and choose a doctor who seems honest and forthcoming. These are all things that Andy would agree are essential to making it through the long, dark tunnel of mental illness."

Weight Gain and Diabetes Risk with Psychiatric Medications

"[If you've had a lot of weight gain from antipsychotic medications, continuing with these medications].is the safest from the point of view of your emotional condition, but may cause health problems later on."

A Pregnant Pause: Anti-Psychotic Medication And Growing A Baby
"Growing a baby while taking anti-psychotic medication can be a reality. I have only to hold my two-month-old daughter in my arms to know this is true."

The Importance Of Medication Compliance
"Patients are three times more likely to relapse if they don't take their meds."

Ask the Doctor

"Too often, both physicians and patients collide in what I sometimes think of as "the dance of medication prescribing." The doctor pretends that, as might be the case with antibiotics, there is an exact dose of medication that is perfectly right for YOU. You pretend that you are taking exactly that dose, and each med visit, each of you does another step in the dance."

A Weighty Illness

".I not comfortable in my own skin, in this new bigger size.Even in those rare moments, when a man does notice, and this is very important, I don't like what they see."

Improving Medication Adherence
"The study of adherence, or pill-taking behavior in patients, has existed for centuries."

My Experience in a Research Study
". empowering yourself with your own mind, rather than looking to outside help, is one of the pivotal elements to a full recovery."

Consumers and Office of Mental Health Join to Promote Evidence-Based Practices

"Any list is going to leave questions about the services left off. Why not housing, especially for the homeless mentally ill. Why not psychotherapy? There's been a lot of research reported lately showing cognitive behavioral therapy is as effective as medication. "

Psychiatric Medications and Intimacy

"A problem I don't hear enough about is the impact of psychiatric medications on peoples' sex life. I'd like to hear more because I think discomfort around the subject keeps people from voicing their real concerns. Let's admit it: sex is an important part of life."

The Right Combination is the Ultimate Trick

"As consumers, we have met plenty of people who seem to have the same illness and are doing equally well on different meds. More problematically, we have seen people who don't get well despite the "correct" treatment for their illness. I was one of these. "

Weight Gain, Diet, and Psychotropic Meds

"As I increased my vegetables and fruits, I noticed their antipsychotic effects-they calmed, sedated, and 'grounded' me."


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