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By Dan Frey, Director, City Voices, Inc.

Our project recently incorporated as City Voices, Inc. in the state of New York. It is possible that by the time you read this, we will be an official not for profit corporation. Still, there are problems.

I believe there are a great many people in the world who maintain their ideals about the world and the people in it. I am one such person. It is my belief that people can save themselves from the depths of mental illness with assistance from their peers. With this ideal in mind, I work hard every day, fight every day to do what must be done to create a business that works toward this belief.

There is a lot of distraction in a great big city like New York. We require people to get involved with City Voices, Inc. who can focus on the business of helping mental health consumers with their energy, ideals, and resources. We need people who are willing to overlook their differences in race, religion, education, diagnosis, economic status, and age to govern the corporation as a team that is mainly concerned with maintaining the ideal that mental health consumers can recover with help.

We need additional board members who can commit to meetings, who can discuss finances, better ways to govern a business. We need people who have ideas for new programs, and who cannot be difficult to reach by phone or email.

In addition, City Voices, Inc. offers valuable volunteer opportunities for consumers. We need messengers, editors, people with research skills, and office assistants. We have paid opportunities for sales people to sell subscriptions to organizations as well as Internet and print edition advertisements. All volunteers will be personally interviewed, hired and trained by me. I am guaranteed to contact you and to give you a chance.

If you want to join the board, you should submit a letter on how you can make a difference as a board member and a resume if you have one.

We are primarily looking for consumers with serious mental illness to volunteer or join the board because we are a mentoring project. I was mentored by a peer and greatly benefited from the experience and so might you. All you need to do is call or write. Thank you for your attention.

Call 718 643 6758, write to City Voices, Inc, PO Box 310368, Brooklyn NY 11231, fax 501 643 6752 or email to get involved.

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