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Ken Steele was the founder and publisher of New York City Voices. Ken died in his sleep Friday, October 6th. We remember him with love and a tremendous amount of respect.

Remembering Ken Steele - by New York City Voices contributers

One Patient's Journey to Mental Wellness
"My ability to claw myself through the paranoia, delusional thinking, and the frightening, warning voices within my mind, to reach out and tell my doctor the truth was totally new ...  At the time, I had no idea of exactly what unknown and miraculous factors I was allowing myself to experience. By telling the truth, I had given voice only to the overture of even greater things to come."

Celebrating Our Diversity
"All of us know how it feels to be discriminated against. It happens all too frequently to most of us. So why do we go around doing it to ourselves?"

Violence, Schizophrenia, & This Journal
"The fact that millions of people with schizophrenia live in the community today is good news, not bad. I know. I am one of them. ... The fact that most schizophrenics are not dangerous and would never hurt anyone isn't newsworthy and doesn't sell. But it's the truth!"

"Four Stories" Produces Hundreds More
"While she was at work or away from home she had to lock him in his bedroom to keep him safe ... because she had seen the horrible state hospital movies on television (specifically naming 'Asylum,' 'Snake Pit,' and 'Cuckoo's Nest') and she would never allow her son to be put in places like these."

Mental Health Insurance Parity
"The good news is that when a compromise parity bill emerges from the legislature, many believe it is unlikely to face opposition from Governor George Pataki."

White House Meets On Mental Health
"The conference... was organized and moderated by Ms. Tipper Gore, President Clinton's Mental Health Advisor. Ms. Gore spoke openly of her own episode with depression. 'To improve the health of our nation, we must make sure our mental health is taken as seriously as our physical health,' Ms. Gore said."

Our Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency
"The U.S. Senate just passed the Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999 ... because they recognized one simple fact: if only another one-half of one percent of us with disabilities were to join the workforce, the savings to the Social Security Trust Funds over our work lives would amount to $3.5 billion."

The Making of the Voter Empowerment Project
"... at the same time my delusional voices stopped, ... new, riveting, real voices replaced them. In late 1994, these frightening, angry, selfish voices began to fill my consciousness. These were voices which wanted to abandon disadvantaged people, including the mentally ill -- including me."

Homeless & Mentally Ill in New York City
"few incidents stir up firestorms like those where the tabloids use words like 'deranged' and 'psychos'... Can you name another group where these types of derogatory terms can be openly used on front page headlines without legal and/or political repercussions?"

As We Begin A New Century
"We are the last great civil rights movement of this past century ... In the next one, we will have the science, the organized voting strength and the means to leave our ghettos of isolation behind us."

Tragedies Will Continue Without Action
"mental diseases like schizophrenia, bipolar disease, major clinical depression and others are in fact physical, biochemical diseases"

The New York City Voices Saga
"In time, the newsletter became a newspaper, received grants, volunteers, professional printing and layout services and grew into what it is called today: New York City Voices."

City Voices New Deal
"We may be underdogs in our chaotic world, but we are also beacons of light for those lost in it."

City Voices, Incorporated

"Our project recently incorporated as City Voices, Inc. in the state of New York. It is possible that by the time you read this, we will be an official not for profit corporation. Still, there are problems."

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